14 May 2006

Pippy Flower Fairy

Here she is - my favourite flower fairy. She kind of reminds me of Pippy Long Stockings. I must however apologise for the quality of the photos. They didn't come out as sharp as I wanted. I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Many thanks as usual to you all for looking. Best wishes...Bernie

Moulin Rouge Flower Fairy

She's red, she's hot, she's racey, she's a ..... teeny weeny little flower fairy sitting in the garden. Where have her friends gone......

Pom Pom Flower Fairy

I made this fairy when my daughter was part of a baton twirling group a couple of years ago. I'm sorry the picture quality is so poor. I'm not the best camerawoman in the world. Enjoy anyway.

Thanks again for looking


1 May 2006

Fairy stuff update

Hi there -

please come back in a couple of days to see examples of my flower fairies and what I use to make them.

Thanks for looking.