14 May 2006

Pippy Flower Fairy

Here she is - my favourite flower fairy. She kind of reminds me of Pippy Long Stockings. I must however apologise for the quality of the photos. They didn't come out as sharp as I wanted. I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Many thanks as usual to you all for looking. Best wishes...Bernie


hedgehogman said...

nice pics
why dont you add some fairies story?
you have the character, but dont have story.
anyway how to make it?

Sreeram said...

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HPNY Knits said...

they are so fab!! what great imagination!!

Elle said...

Awwww. Just adorable. So, how do you make them?

craftybernie said...

Hi Elle - I have two books that I referenced before making my fairies.

One is called 'Petal People you make yourself' ( KLUTZ).

The other one is 'Fairy Crafts' by Heidi Boyd (David & Charles). These are slightly bigger fairies but still beautiful nonetheless.

Both books outline how to make fairies using paper covered wire, silk flower petals, embroidery thread/floss for hair and wooden beads for heads.

If you wanted to have a go at making some, I would recommend the book by KLUTZ as it has a selection of 'ingredients' to get you started with excellent illustrations & instructions.

Once you make a few you'll be inspired to make more - using different yarns, fabrics & beads.

Best wishes...Bernie