7 Jul 2006

Small flower fairy in a pot

So many people having babies at the moment every where I look. Here's a nice little idea for a parcel embellishment or small gift:

Take a small silk rose bud and gently open the petals slightly. Pop in a small wooden bead with sleepy eyes drawn on and glue in place.

If the bud has a wire stem, wind it around a skewer to give it some curly twists, add a ribbon bow and stick onto the baby's gift.

Alternatively, cut the stem off, place the bud into a very small terracotta pot (you can leave the pot in its natural state or paint in pastel colours) and glue bud into base of pot. Use this to decorate or embellish a present. Or better still, wrap the whole thing in cellophane with a bright ribbon and give as an additional gift.

I'll see if I can find one in my craft box and will post a picture when I get a chance. I think they look soooo sweet!

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